What should you do when you see a funnel cloud?

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WINNIPEG —; Do you know what to do if you spot a funnel cloud? A lot of Manitobans are asking that question after three tornadoes touched down in the province this weekend.

“I thought, ‘Holy smokes!’ ” said Maury Altomare, a La Salle resident who captured one of the funnel clouds that ended up touching down around 7:30 p.m. Saturday.

Environment Canada had issued tornado warnings Saturday evening. Early in the day, a special weather statement was released warning of the potential for funnel clouds across southern Manitoba.

Natalie Hasell, a severe weather meteorologist with Environment Canada, said these twisters were not associated with severe weather systems.

They were cold core tornados, which tend to cause minimal damage but still should be taken seriously.

The tornadoes should serve as a reminder for people to keep an eye on the skies, she said.

“If your gut is telling you that isn’t right, then you should get out of the way,” Hasell said.

A funnel cloud looms over homes in La Salle, Man., on Saturday.

Courtesy of Maury Altomare / Global News

People should seek cover in a basement or an interior room with no windows, she said.

If you are not at home it is best to sort out an emergency plan before severe weather hits.

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