N.B. Highland Games draws large crowd over weekend

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FREDERICTON – Organizers at the New Brunswick Highland Games Festival are celebrating another successful year for the event.

“Everybody’s Irish on St. Patrick’s Day. For this weekend, everyone can be Scottish,” said organizing committee member Chris Gallant.

The popular festival has been running since Friday and wrapped up on Sunday afternoon.

Apart from the games, there was music, workshops and many displays of Scottish culture.


There were also samples of snuff, which is powdered tobacco traditionally served after meals.

Laurie Hossack of the Saint Andrews Society of Saint John passed along a sample to a friend who showed how people sniff the tobacco from their hands.

“He takes it like that and he puts it on the back of his hand like that and he sniffs it up,” he said while holding an elaborate maul snuff box made from horns.

Hossack says the festival is a great opportunity to learn more about their Scottish culture.

“It’s a cultural thing,” he said. “The pride of where they’re from and the hardships they went through when they settled in New Brunswick.”

There was also the cultural mash-ups.

A chef who calls himself Chef Naz whipped up special samosas for the event.

“I decided to take the turnips and potatoes with the lamb and the haggis and put it all into a nice little triangle for the event,” he said.

In addition, games where people throw large and heavy objects long distances always draw a crowd.

“It’s excellent,” said spectator Shaun Murphy. “We”ve been having a ball so far.”

Athletes say the sports tell us a lot about the people who invented them.

“I think it says the Scottish people are a hearty and brave bunch and I think they’re gluttons for punishment,” said Joe Hall.

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